Fast Cure Moisture Vapor Barrier (2gal)


MPC-180 is a 100% solids, a two-component epoxy coating designed for controlling moisture vapor emissions on new or deteriorated concrete floors. This coating is recommended to be applied in areas of high humidity or on wet concrete. When applied at a thickness of 18 mils, it exceeds ASTM F3010 product requirements for vapor permeance. This coating will withstand moisture vapor emission rates up to 25lbs./24hrs./1000 ft2 when applied properly.

Areas of application:
Industrial Use – Garages Warehouses Airports and hangars Processing and manufacturing plants.
Commercial Use – Shopping malls and boutiques Hotels Offices Showrooms Restaurants Hospitals Schools Community centers
Residential Use – Entrances and hallways basements entertainment rooms bathrooms kitchens and living rooms outdoors spaces and pool outlines.